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Forklift Training Course

Leppo Rents Training Services

Forklift training is an important aspect of operator safety. Without safe operators, jobsites would be a nightmare to be on. The Leppo Rents training program is designed with a “safety first” approach. Our 5-Step program is OSHA compliant and it provides the students with practical and informative information to take back to their job environments.

  • Orientation to the Equipment
  • Jobsite Safety and Planning
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • OSHA Compliant Training
  • Equipment Use and Operating Techniques
  • Individualized Student Assessments
Forklift Industrial Training

Forklift Training Course

Students will learn proper operation,operator requirements, and how to conduct proper safety checks.

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Appoximately 3 Hours

Call for details

Companies only, min. 5 people

Andy Wentling




Forklift Forklift Forklift

We train at our facility or on-site at your facility. Contact us regarding scheduling and pricing information.

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