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Hydro Mobile Scaffolding Training Course

Leppo Rents Training Services

Leppo Rents is the industry leader in compact construction equipment. We recognize the need for entry level training in the construction and utilities industries.
We offer quality, affordable, operator training services.

  • Orientation to the Equipment
  • Jobsite Safety and Planning
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Basic Principles of Unit Operation
  • Equipment Use and Operating Techniques
  • Individualized Student Assessments

Hydro Mobile Scaffolding Training Course

We offer three types of Hydro Mobile Training: (1) Safety And Operations Training; (2) Safety, Operations and Erections Training; (3) Training the Trainer – Training People To Train Other People

Safety And Operations

Safety, Operations and Erections

Training the Trainer

  • ANSI/SIA, OSHA and CSA Regulations
  • User/Operator Training For Both M & P Series / E, F & TP
  • Hands On Installation And Operations
  • (Includes Safety And Operations Course)
  • Erector/Dismantling Training For Both M & P Series / E, F & TP
  • Layout And Planning Training
  • (Includes Safety, Operations And Erections Course)
  • Competent Person/Hazard Assessment Existing And Predictable
  • Class Room Planning And Presentation Skill Training
  • Use Of Training Tools, DVD, Syllabus
  • Testing Requirements And Training Log Use

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Hydro Mobile Training
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We train at our facility or on-site at the customer's facility. Contact Leppos, for classes smaller than five or larger than nine, for pricing. Contact us to register your group for training today. Call our instructors to discuss your training needs.

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