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Training Services

Leppo Rents Training Services

Knowledge is one of the key ingredients in operator safety. With proper training, operators of all experience levels can learn or be reminded that safety is essential to working efficiently. At Leppo Rents, we recognize the need for such training. We offer a variety of operational and safety classes to suite any need and we train at our facility or on-site at your facility.

Class participants attending Aerial Work Platform, Industrial Forklift, Skid-steer, Compact Track Loader, Excavator and Telehandler training will receive OSHA Compliant Training Certifications. Contact our instructors to discuss your training needs and pricing.

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Arial Training
Aerial Training
Industrial Forklift Training
Forklift Industrial Training
Bobcat Training
Bobcat Training
Forklift Rough Terrain Training
Forklift Rough Terrain Training
Hydro Mobile Training
Hydro Mobile Training
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