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  • Akron: 330-633-3999, 800-453-7767
  • Canton: 330-456-6800, 800-453-7762
  • Cleveland: 216-663-9380, 866-422-2700
  • Cleveland West: 440-327-0515, 800-714-7243
  • Wooster: 330-264-6474, 800-466-7452
  • Youngstown: 330-799-2555, 800-453-7763
Group Photo SpecSheet Four Hour Day Rate Week Rate Month Rate

Category: Excavator / Loader / Hoe

SubGroup: (1) General

2-3K 5' - 8' Dig Depth (418/E20)01956501850
7.5K 11' 3" - 6" Dig Depth (E32/E35/E42)02507952200
11K 11' 10" - 13' Dig Depth (E45/E50/E55)03009502650
18K 14' Dig Depth (E85)035512503400
33K 18' Dig Depth (140/312/313)050015004500
38K 19' Dig Depth (316)057517254800
Thumb (add for combo)050150300

SubGroup: (2) Excavator Combos

8' Exc w/150# Breaker (E20)036510503050
11' Exc. w/Auger (E35)30010052750
11' Exc w/500# Breaker (E32/E35/E42)041514003550
11' Exc. w/Compactor (E32/E35)31510502950
11' Exc w/Stump Grinder (E32/E35/E42)36512503400
13.5' Exc. w/Auger (E45/E50/E55)35011803200
13.5' Exc w/500# Breaker (E45/E50/E55)046515754050
13.5' Exc. w/Compactor (E45/E50/E55)36512253250
14' Exc w/1000# Breaker (E85)058020005150
13.5' Exc w/Stump Grinder (E45/E50/E55)41514253900
18' Exc w/3000# Breaker (DX140/312/313)080025506800
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