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Guidance system that informs operator of depth, grade or didtance to target

Audible alerts indicate how close to desired target

Is NOT a system that automatically controls the machine or its hydraulics

Eliminates Guesswork

Avoid over-digging, under-digging, extra backfilling and compacting

System that uses three position sensors to coordinate precise location of bucket teeth

Sensors on boom, arm and bucket

Is NOT a system that requires a stand-alone laser transmitter and receiver

Adds Precision

  • Trenching utility lines
  • Placing drainage ditches
  • Installing sewer lines and drain fields
  • Site prep for footings or pads

Calibrated to a specific excavator to accurately dig to preset depth

Accessory for Bobcat E32i through E55 compact excavators, standard and long-arm options

Is NOT a laser, satellite-based GPS, sonic/slope system or an automatic system like Bobcat laser box grade attachment

Reduces Labor

Eliminates measuring in the trench by operator or crew

Drives Productivity

Works with trenching and grading buckets

integrated into Bobcat deluxe instrumentation panel

Accurate within +/-0.5 inches without leaving the cab to measure

Is NOT a system that requires an additional display mounted in the cab

Compatible with Laser

For addd flexibility to "bench" off of a laser signal

Bobcat Depth Check FAQ's

Q: What is Depth Check?

A: Bobcat Depth Check is a depth guidance system that informs excavator operators of depth or distance to a target. The system uses three position sensors that are located on the base of the boom, the arm and the bucket linkage. These sensors are wired to a controller and continuously send data back to the unit, providing an accurate location of the excavator’s bucket teeth within +/-0.5 inches.

Q: How can it help operators?

A: The system guides the operator to improved performance with three types of digging:
1) A specific minimum cover: Digging to a predetermined depth relative to the surface.
2) A sustained grade: Digging to a known subgrade level and sustaining a level bottom trench regardless of the surface configuration or surface topography.
3) A sustained slope: When used in conjunction witha laser, sustains a precise slope.

Q: On which machines is it available?

A: This guidance system is exclusive to Bobcat and is available as an accessory for the Bobcat E32i through E55 compact excavators configured with standard and long-arm options. It’s not compatible with an extendable arm. The machine must have the current forward-mounted instrumentation and optional deluxe instrumentation panel to process, display and provide operator input. Dealers calibrate the system to a specific model and its attachments upon installation.

Q: How does it work?

A: Depth Check’s functions correlate to the numbered buttons on the deluxe instrumentation panel. Operators can select parameters such as their starting reference point (“benching”), depth target, grade zone and one of five different trenching and grading buckets. The system also allows operators to establish preferences for three digging screens and four units of measure. Operators can select visual and/or audible alerts when approaching the target depth to indicate how close the operator is to the desired target. When an operator is done using Depth Check, he simply presses the home key and return to the operating screen.

Q: Is Depth Check a laser control system?

A: No. Depth Check is not a stand-alone laser, satellite-based GPS, sonic/slope, or automatic system like the Bobcat laser box grade attachment or the 3D-Ready System. However, the depth guidance system is compatible with two Bobcat-approved laser transmitter and receiver systems for added flexibility when operators need to “bench” off of a laser beacon to achieve or sustain a desired grade or slope.

Q: What types of customers and projects are ideal fits?

A: Experienced operators with working knowledge of guidance or laser systems tend to value the technology’s benefits. Customers who routinely stay on the cutting edge and want to save the time and costs associated with over-dig or under-dig situations are ideal candidates. Depth Check adds precision to a variety of excavating and grading jobs, including trenching utility lines, placing draining ditches, digging basements, installing sewer lines, and drain fields and site prep for footings or pads.

Q: How is Depth Check different than competitive systems?

A: Depth Check is the only depth guidance system in the industry that is integrated into the excavator’s control unit and display panel. With the Bobcat excavator the deluxe instrumentation panel, the system can process and display operator input without the need for an additional LCD in the cab.

Q: How can I justify the ROI?

A: A guidance system is designed to eliminate the guesswork and cost of over-digging, under-digging, and extra backfilling and compacting. The Bobcat Depth Check system typically retails for less than $4,000. When a full-time operator is excavating more cubic feet of material in a cycle and correcting fewer mistakes, a system pays for itself quickly. Compared to a stand-alone laser, Depth Check allows a grading job to be completed without an operator leaving the cab. When it’s not necessary to allocate extra manpower to stand in a trench and hold a hand-held stick receiver, crew members can be reassigned to complete other tasks on a jobsite.

Q: How can I learn more?

A: Watch the four-part series of operation videos and contact you local Bobcat Dealer / Salesman for more details.

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