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Stump grinders from Stumper Industries are the benchmark for rugged design, minimal maintenance, and cutting speed. Stump grinding can be a profit center for your tree service business, landscape company, or farm operation using the machinery you already own -- skid steer, mini-excavator, tractor or loader. Grind faster and more profitably with the most cost-efficient stump grinders available. Get more leverage on the machinery you already own: put a Stumper brand Stump Grinder to work generating profits for your business.

220 Stumper

Stumper 220

The versatile Stumper 220 brings reliable stump grinding technology in a compact design that is compatible with a wide range of machinery. The 220 is a cost-efficient model best-suited to standard or occasional use.

  • 22" or 56 cm Dia. Cutting Wheel
  • 6" or 15 cm Cut Depth per Pass
  • 375 lb. or 170 kg Weight
240 Stumper

Stumper 240

The Stumper 240 is a mid-size grinder that chews up to 8" (20 cm) of stump per pass, while offering lighter weight and high- or low-flow hydraulic power options. Built with the same robust, simple design of all stumper models, the 240 is an optimal choice for mid-size landscaping companies.

  • Cutting Diameter: 24" or 61 cm
  • 8" or 20 cm Cut Depth per Pass
  • Weight: 475 lbs. or 215 kg
280 Stumper

Stumper 280

The contractor grade Stumper 280 is the perfect fit for heavy duty landscaping with its powerful grinding technology and innovative design. Maximize your equipment investment by adding the speed and strength of the Stumper 280.

  • 28" or 71 cm Dia. Cutting Wheel
  • 8" or 20 cm Cut Depth per Pass
  • Weight: 650 lb. or 295 kg
3500 Stumper

Stumper 3500

The Stumper 3500 gives you maximum stump-grinding durability. With an elegantly simple design, the Stumper 3500 powers through the toughest stumps and roots. By eliminating complex gearboxes, the 3500 keeps you grinding—not repairing.

  • 12" or 30 cm Cut Depth per Pass
  • 36" or 91 cm Dia. Cutting Wheel
  • 1200 lb. or 544 kg Weight
  • 60° Swing Angle
  • Grinds 1 Cubic Foot or 28,317 Cubic Centimeters per Minute